ex-farmer, former town guard, current resistance op. 19 years, baby.


Second of four children, three boys and a girl, Taarak was born in the countryside around Gatepass, from a couple of farmers. Growing up and spending his time in close contact with Nature, he felt the Call of the Wild in young age. While his father took his long absences for attempts to avoid chores, Taarak was constantly drawn over the mountains, where he merged his soul more and more with Nature itself. He soon realized to possess powers unknown to the common human being, and gradually learnt how to control them. He felt as some spiritual entity was guiding his steps, but he never learnt if it was the spirit of a long dead warden, Nature itself, or just a projection of his own instincts. With time, his absences
became longer, being drawn back only by the strong bond with his family. Growing bold and strong, he realized he had the responsibility to make good use of his capabilities. His early quests were limited to solve minor bullying attempts and other small farmers’ problems in the area. When the menace from the Ragesian Empire grew more and more real, he decided to enroll with the City Guard. His wild character and intolerance for authority though didn’t make him last more than a day’s training, before he was “kindly” requested to leave (although he did manage to sneak out with a guard uniform, which he wears whenever the circumstances may require…). Still wanting to help, he joined the Resistance, feeling more comfortable with their less formal layout. He showed some capabilities, in spite of an obvious lack of experience, and was selected to accompany a group of heroes for the delicate mission this story began with…



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