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About the world:
1. Nations of the world
Dassen – Ruled by King Steppenwulf. Kingdom of 8 feudal holdings. Mostly farmers.
Ostalin – Ruled by Khagan Onamdammin who hunts his brothers to secure his throne
Shahalesti – The Eladrin Nation
Sindaire – Currently in rebellion against its Ragesian governor.

2. Noteworthy Organizations
Gate Pass – Where it all started.
Lyceum – The Mage’s College
Monastery of the Two Winds – Airbenders and monks, yo.
The Scourge – Ragesia’s Inquisition hunting “malicious” spellcasters
The Wayfarers – Cirque du Soleil, but with magic
The Knights of the Aquiline Cross – Mercy, sacrifice, defense of life.

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Main Page

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