Traveler from Ostalin. Trained by the Dragonborn Mages of Ostalin mountains.


Dragon trained sorcerer; reacts with gut instinct. Thesus takes a hands-on approach to battles and will often “facilitate” the redistribution of his allies and enemies either by lending a helpful hand, or knocking them through dimensions… His ability to move quickly lends him the ability to afflict damage well, but also makes him a mushy target if he isn’t quick enough. He depends on his allies to lay down cover-fire and has learned to trust in his team. He also practices meditation as being both Tiefling, a sorcerer, and Dragonborn trained, his temper is something he has had to master in order to stave off arson-like emotions.


Thesus found his way to Gate Pass while searching for support to return to his homeland, Ostalin, currently under the tyrannical clutches of Khagan Onamdammin. Onamdammin’s actions led to the exile of the previous Khagan, his father Barazar, and many of those loyal to him. They found themselves refuge in the mountains, home to the Dragonborn. These Dragonborn protected the deposed Khagan, and refused to return him to Onamdammin, but in the end, an assassin’s arrow found it’s way to Barazar’s heart. At this, Barazar’s other sons and those loyal to him struck out to find allies willing to help them overthrow Khagan Onamdammin. Thesus is one of these men.


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