A dwarven student of Gabal's Wizarding School


1. Start with Personality traits, think of two:

Doesn’t like physical contact—this is why Nene has developed a lot of mind assaults and things to keep others away from her (like the protection from missles!)

Nene is the youngest dwarf wizard in a generation!

2. Background and Bonds
Nene was approached by Resistance agents within Gabal’s school when whisperings of Inquisitors coming to Gates Pass arose. Nene decided that all her hard work in wizarding lore that she was going to bring back to her people was not going to be wasted at the hands of foul Inquisitors.

Nene is fascinated by the dwarf township (Ferman’s Pass?), but is also wary of them, too. Why would dwarves choose to leave the comforts of their wonderful cities if not to expand their knowledge to bring back to their people, like Nene is doing at Gabal’s Wizarding School.

3. Ideal
The propagation and prosperity of the dwarven race is important to Nene, and the infusion of some changes into the dwarven culture. Not huge changes! Just a little more understanding of the magic of the outside world—maybe we can use that to build our people up!

4. Flaw or conflict
Nene can’t remember anyone’s names because her father was constantly referring to her and her sisters by various names, too, Neeners, Nana, Nays, etc. many dwarven names sound similar so it’s hard for Nene to adjust to the wide world of a variety of names. "



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