"Former" thief. Full time bard.


Aredhel’s earliest memories are of playing in the River Aros with her elven friend, Rowan. She had very few friends growing up—elves tend to resent outsiders, and as a half-elf she rarely felt like she belonged. Rowan, a full elf, and son of Aredhel’s parents’ friends, always managed to protect her and make her feel safe. They lived in the capital city of Elven empire of Saranbel, across the ocean from Shahalesti. The mouth of the River Aros provided a secluded reprieve from the bustling, cosmopolitan city.

Aredhel’s mother, Lensa, was a young and successful diplomat for the elven government and often served as an ambassador to the neighboring empires. Her human father, Ionor of Belwain, was a highly regarded merchant for the region, and often served as a representative in community matters for the human population. Lensa and Ionor met at the Rosewood Inn while travelling to a regional summit meeting in Shahalesti to help repair some of the tensions between humans and elves.

Lensa and Ionor’s marriage was scorned by many—mostly the elves, but their mission was to ease cultural tensions, so instead of hiding, they put their faith in their elven and human neighbors and tried to focus on the race’s similarities, not differences.

Still, it was difficult, and while Aredhel never understood until much later, the growing tensions within the city came to a head when she was only 14 years old. Her parents were caught up in a hate crime, and while travelling, were ambushed by a rogue political group. Aredhel never saw them again. Upon hearing the news, Rowan and his parents knew Aredhel wouldn’t be safe in the city, so they helped her escape. They took her to a boat bound for Shahalesti. On the boat, she met the leader of the Theives’ Guild, Rantle, who took her in like his own daughter. Living with the members of the Guild she learned how to stay alive, how to thrive on the streets, and how to be self-sufficient. She was a loner, and she was good at it. Still, the Guild became her new family. She had heard later that the situation in Sarenbel worsened, and supporters and friends of Lensa and Ionor were being targeted. She didn’t know if Rowan survived. Years later, after peace came to Sarenbel, Aredhel returned in hopes of finding Rowan, but she found nothing.

Aredhel had heard rumors that someone who knew Lensa was looking for her and was in Gate Pass. That’s why she traveled to the city, but she realized the severity of Gate Pass’ situation, and all thoughts of learning about her lost family from this mysterious person vanished when she got caught up in the mission to Lyceum.



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